About Us

The pursuit of nursing excellence

Since 2007, our team has striven to achieve excellence in every aspect of domiciliary and occupational healthcare nursing. The complexity of the nursing services required by our clients, demands an integrated, fully comprehensive, case by case, healthcare management approach.

We take great pride in being able to offer the finest nursing services, tailored to the requirements of each and every client.

As the healthcare community is coming to understand, not only does domiciliary healthcare, specialist nursing and corporate wellness services reduce the overall cost of healthcare, they also improve the quality of life of loved ones, employees, and their families.

We are regulated and licensed as a medical nursing practice, bound by the Code of Ethics for Nursing in South Africa, mandated to protect, promote and restore health, prevent illness, preserve life and alleviate the suffering of individuals, families, groups and communities.






Our Vision

To build and strengthen a professional evidence-based medical practice focused on quality nursing healthcare.

To improve the well-being of patients, families, a corporate workforce members, by delivering innovative, compassionate, patient-focused healthcare, enriched by education, science, and technology.

To embrace and apply the rapid advances in healthcare research and technology, so as to deliver unparalleled nursing healthcare support and services that are both beneficial and cost effective to our medical scheme, private and corporate clients.

We constantly invest in the latest high-end medical equipment and technologies applicable to the nursing healthcare services we provide, including mechanical ventilation, feeding systems, oxygen management, suctioning, vitals monitoring, and case management.

Smartphone technologies are used to assist with workflow, gather quick information about medications and symptoms, coordinate multiple healthcare activities, and to apprise doctors remotely.

Our Values

Utilise nursing knowledge and complex nursing judgment to assess health needs, provide nursing healthcare, and to advise and support clients to manage their specific healthcare needs.

Independently and in collaboration with other health professionals, manage and perform nursing functions, delegate and direct nurses, healthcare assistants and others.

Provide comprehensive assessments to develop, implement, and evaluate an integrated plan of healthcare, and provide interventions that require substantial scientific and professional knowledge, skills and clinical decision making. This occurs in a range of settings in partnership with individuals, families, corporates, and communities.

Practise in a variety of clinical contexts and settings depending on client specific needs, and to apply expertise to manage, teach, evaluate and research nursing healthcare practice.

Ensure that all nursing healthcare services provided are consistent, meet legislative requirements and are supported by appropriate standards.

Patient-Focused HealthCare

An Holistic approach to healthcare

We’re excited to bring innovative, patient-focused care to our private and corporate clients. For all patients, their families, and corporate workforce members, the relationships forged with our nurses is central to the quality of their healthcare experience.

Often described as an extension of patient-centered care, our patient-focused care recognises that patients’ medical needs are best understood and addressed in the context of their entire lives, including their life goals and social, economic, emotional, and spiritual functioning. This can mean putting the person’s needs, as they define them, above those identified as priorities by healthcare professionals.

XtendedCARE is constantly expanding its ability to care for clients as whole persons, not just as patients or work place member, with sensitivity to nonmedical factors in planning and delivering care.

We promised to take care… and delivered

What people are saying

  • My nurse was wonderful, gave excellent care in every aspect, nothing too much trouble, really caring.
    Mary, Father had a stroke
  • The nurses assigned to my care were brilliant, they were prompt and caring to my needs, very friendly and supportive and helped me regain my mobility. My experience was perfect.
    Annerie, Knee Replacement
  • My experience was superior and well beyond my expectations. The nurses and staff provided unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was exceptional.
    George, Cancer Survivor
  • Thank you so very much for your care. We so appreciated everything you did for our mom.  She is free now…no more suffering.  God bless you and the work of your hands and your heart.  Please pass on our appreciation to those who contributed to her care.
    Lillian, Mom received palliative care
  • Thanks again for an awesome start to this very dynamic situation. The nurse is doing an impeccable job. He really is perfect for this situation, and you have obviously done an excellent job to assess our needs so accurately. It is just so comforting to all of us to realise such excellent assistance with our father.
    Kurt, Father has Dementia
  • My caregiver is very calm. She has a lot of patience with me and together, we have fun and share a lot of laughs. She makes things easier for me. We talk, play cards, go out for lunch, and do things that my husband hates to do, like shopping. My caregiver helps me a lot.
    Helen, Assisted Living